Movies that Surprised everyone in 2020


These are the Best movie of 2020:

Joker: This movie is about the hapless comedian Arthur Fleck and how he got off the coils. A middle-aged man already lives in the dysfunctional area of ​​Gotham in the same apartment with his sick mother, he sits on medications and suffers from attacks of a painful uncontrolled laughter. His life is depressing, the city around is dirty and harsh and, it seems, there is no place for Arthur in this world - everyone is being dusted, mocked, humiliated. You can stream here, over 7,000 independent movies and TV shows on FlixTor To.

Green Book: This movie is the winner of the Oscar for the best film of 2019 year is a road movie directed by Peter Farrelly that is slowly weaving an unprecedented interracial friendship (that of the chauffeur embodied by Viggo Mortensen and the pianist Dr. Shirley) between two poles Opposites that are needed and that will break down prejudices and barriers in a difficult time dominated by hate and discrimination.

The Goonies: Mikey (Sean Astin) and Brandon (Josh Brolin) are two brothers who are trying to burn to the maximum the few days they have left in the neighborhood where they were raised. They are sad because a company plans to destroy the apple in which they live to build a golf course. Unless the neighbors manage to raise a significant sum of money to stop the destruction of the neighborhood, the plans will continue. That is when, one day, the brothers discover a pirate's treasure map. Together with their friends, they will try to discover and dig up the fortune that can save them. Stream latest Hollywood High Definition Moviesjoy movie free of cost. To watch this movie you don't need to create an account and also no signup required.

The Informer: This film delivers a solid crime drama. The main character of the film, Pete (Joel Kinnaman), is a former special forces soldier who deliberately infiltrated the criminal environment in order to expose the ways of drug trafficking. Management coordinates his activities in such a way that he ends up in prison. All parties to the conflict are interested in Pete's activities in their own interests.

The Irishman is 2019 crime thriller movie. The Irishman movie is based on the book by Charles Brandt I Heard You Paint Houses. The movie The Irishman tells the story of the mafia hitman Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), a World War II veteran, swindler and hitman who was rumored who was involved in the murders of the president of the United States John F. Kennedy and the legendary trade unionist Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino).

Us: Us isa horror thriller movie, written and directed by Jordan Peele. Adelaide (Lupita Nyong'o) and Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke) are a couple who decides to take their children home on the beach, hoping to spend a vacation and disconnect with some friends. But at night, something terrifying happens to them. In front of the house, four people appear. These people are physically and emotionally the same as themselves, something like their own evil version. Then they will realize that the only way out will be to end that impostor family, be

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